About Us

About Us

TNA Global Consult is a multi-discipline company offering professional services to our clients.  Our aim is to build close long-term relationships with our clients by offering comprehensive and tailored support to meet their requirements.

TNA Ethics & Anti-Corruption team consists of certified and experienced consultants with extensive business knowledge of the global activities, codes, laws and regulations covering ethics and anti-corruption in various industries. The team members prepare training programs adapted to the client’s required level of exposure to corruption.

With over 50 years of experience in the construction and infrastructure industry, TNA’s principal team member has gained wealth of experience across the industry’s operational activities and management functions. Holding different compliance related positions, he prepared, implemented and trained ABC Programs to their respective applications.

Mission Statement

We at TNA Global Consult will work diligently with organizations around the world at risk for corruption to impact their business. Together, we develop comprehensive strategies that identify where risk lives, create programs to minimize the opportunity for corruption and train all employees on the policies and practices required to maintain a successful, corrupt-free business. We are proud to be a part of the global fight against corruption.

Meet Our Team

Tony S. Awad

Founder and CEO 

Having spent his professional life linked to various industries including engineering and construction, assuming the roles of project management, planning and control, procurement, office and field works, Tony has developed a program, PPA-Tracker, which is a tool to help the construction sector in planning, monitoring, and tracking their activity timelines, milestones and deadlines specifically designed to meet the limitations set by the Prompt Payment and Adjudication Regimes.

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Tony has spent more than 50 years of his professional life working in various industry sectors including oil & gas, power, construction, maintenance, manufacturing, aviation and private ventures in different countries across the Middle East, Europe and Canada. Tony has gained a wealth of experience across the industry’s operational activities and management functions in the various positions held at Kuwait Oil Company as well as in privately owned businesses in Kuwait and Canada, and with Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC).

For twelve years Tony had been holding the position of Corporate Ethics Compliance Officer where he was responsible for setting up the Ethics Compliance Department for Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) as well as preparing and managing the entire Ethics & Anti-Corruption Program. Tony also managed the development of bespoke Ethics & Anti-Corruption Online Training Program. 

It is this extensive business knowledge of global activities, codes, laws and regulations covering ethics and anti-corruption in various industries particularly in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors that allows Tony to deliver expert training to teams across the world looking at their own anti-corruption policies.


Accredited by ETHIC Intelligence as:

  • Certified Ethics & Anti-Corruption Compliance Trainer
  • Business Partner for ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 and ETHIC Intelligence Certification Audits


  • Oakville Chamber of Commerce – Member


Q. Do you work with organizations of every size?

A. Yes, all organizations are exposed to corruption, awareness and prevention to fight it are essential requirements to success. We have tools and can customize training programs to fit your unique needs.

Q. What does your complete process look like?

A. The process starts with our team working with you to identify the potential corruption risks unique to your organization. We then follow-up with customized training that talk directly to those risks and how to manage and minimize at all levels of the business.

Q. What level of employee should be trained in our anti-corruption policies?

A. All levels in the organization should be trained depending on their respective responsibilities and exposure to corruption activities. Consider your sustainment policy and who might be moving into roles where anti-corruption policies should be understood. 

Q. What is the general timelines for training?

A. Training sessions could vary from two hours to three days depending on the position, responsibilities and extent of exposure to corruption activities. Two days is a reasonable average to cover the fundamentals for most companies.

Q. How do I determine if my employees would benefit from in-house over online training?

A. Online training will definitely benefit the employees on the basics, program, code of conduct and examples but the in-house will be more detailed and organization-specific giving extensive exposure to the topic. In-house also allows for two-way communication and feedback between your team and our trainers allowing for a more complete training experience. Again, it really depends on the level of risk for your organization. We will discuss your options and our recommendations following the company audit portion of our services. 

Q. I am not sure if I need this service, but heard that corruption is a real problem. Do you conduct organizational audits to determine risk level for corruption?

A. Yes, this will be first step to be carried out in order to determine the extent and scope of training required. If you think you might need our services, chances are you do. Let’s talk. 

Q. Do you offer ongoing consulting services past the training stage?

A. Yes, this will be recommended for following up on the implementation of the program, depending on the requirement of the organization. We will work with you to develop markers for success and regular follow-up to ensure that anti-corruption remains a priority in your organization. 

Q. Can you share some companies you’ve worked with in the past?

A. During the past ten years, the founder of TNA Global Consult, been the Corporate Ethics Compliance Officer for Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), was the nominated representative of the Company for the following organizations:


  • UN Global Compact
  • World Economic Forum – Partnering Against Corruption Initiative – PACI
  • World Economic Forum – Building Foundations for Trust & Integrity – Steering Committee Member
  • Pearl Initiative in the Gulf Region
  • Transparency International – Greece Chapter

Also associated with:

  • Ethic Intelligence – Accredited Business Partner
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – ACFE – Associate Member
  • Idox Compliance
  • Pohlmann & Company