EHS Software

EHS Software

A Learning Management System (LMS) for Health and Safety Compliance Management


All your safety needs right at your fingertips

Are you looking for…

  • A safety management system that is cost effective, can be customized to your needs and to be used by your company in weeks, not months or years?
  • An online application to easily administer, manage, track and report on training activities within and across your organization?
  • An automated system to manage and coordinate your students, instructors, in-class and online courses?
  • A centralized data bank to review all your employees’ historical training tickets?
  • An automated way to create digital, site inspection and competency validation forms?
  • A simple fleet management system to control your fleet and heavy equipment and to schedule their preventative maintenance?

TNA offers one of the leading software applications for Learning Management and Compliance that meets all those needs and much more. This EHS software is designed for companies who support safety, so regardless if you are in the construction, transportation or energy industry, this application will satisfy all your company’s needs.

Main Features of this Learning Management System (LMS)

Advanced Modules

Additional Features & Functionality

• Document Management
• Driver Management
• Role Management
• Virtual Proctoring
• Exam Engine
• Survey Tool
• Custom Branding

• Single Sign-On
• Application Programming Interface
• Automated Email Notifications
• Course Codes
• Search Engine
• Reward Tracking
• Folder Technology

Key System Attributes

• Secure
• Cloud Based
• Canadian Hosting
• Excel Compatible

• SCORM Compliant
• Multilingual
• Encryption Key Technology
• Technical Support

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