Enabling Employees To Make Self-Confident Decisions

Training staff within your organization on anti-corruption practices ensures that they recognize potentially risky situations and understand how to apply anti-corruption guidelines in their day-to-day activities. Our Learning Dialogue is designed to raise awareness through real-life dilemmas and to reinforce understanding of international anti-corruption legislation and guidelines.


  • Foster a culture of ethical and legal compliance at all levels of the business
  • Transfer best practice and seek bottom-up feedback and buy-in
  • Measure your employees basic understanding of corporate anti-corruption guidelines
  • Pinpoint knowledge gaps and identify areas for improvement
  • Create ongoing programming to ensure regular check-ins and refreshers



1. Implement Base Training Module

  • Interactive web-based turn-key e-learning solution
  • Comprehensive reporting functionalities and proof of compliance
    2. Implement Refresher Program

  • Refresher course to re-assess understanding and identify gaps
  • Success


    • Active & ongoing knowledge transfer
    • Keep anti-corruption education & policies on the radar
    • Evidence of a sound and auditable anti-corruption practice embedded in your organization’s culture

    Training topics include:


    Fundamental Concepts

    Our training program enables trainees to work through the fundamental concepts of anti-corruption within a guided dialogue both providing information and registering levels of understanding.

    Interactive Real-life Business Scenarios

    The learning process is enhanced by including interactive business scenarios and practical examples.

    The Right Reflexes

    This approach ensures that employees have the right reflexes when dealing with public officials and business partners or when confronted with facilitation payments, gifts and entertainment.